The Evaluation and Research Hub or Eval Hub is your technical assistance point of access to resources that help you integrate evaluation into WIOA state planning activities, program management, annual reporting, and continuous improvement.

Use the Eval Hub as a starting point to find tools that help you support research and evaluation learning agendas or priorities, increase research and evaluation capacity, utilize appropriate research and evaluation methods, and disseminate research and evaluation products. Participate in the Eval PLC’s "Use and Choose" approach to identify, disseminate, apply and create evidence.

Research and Evaluation. Use and Choose. Identify Evidence, Disseminate Evidence, Apply Evidence, Create Evidence.

The Eval Hub presents a select number of evaluation and research resources to address your technical assistance needs and engages you and your peers in an active learning environment. We invite you to try our tools and resources and provide feedback on your experiences, as you conduct, coordinate, and collaborate in program evaluations and research to demonstrate improved outcomes and impacts for your customers.

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